About Us

Edu-Excel's Vision:

Our vision for mentoring is to create a dynamic learning environment that inspires students to become compassionate, principled, and open-minded global citizens. Through a rigorous and inquiry-based approach, we are motivated to cultivate intellectual curiosity, creativity, and resilience. Our highly qualified , dedicated educators are committed to guiding students on their journey to academic success and personal growth, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world Our aim is not only to nurture curious minds, foster critical thinking skills but also instil a lifelong love for learning. By providing personalised attention and comprehensive support, we aspire to empower students to excel in their exams and beyond.

Edu-Excel's Mision:

Our mission is to cultivate a learning environment that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, and personal growth. Through rigorous instruction and tailored support, we empower students to achieve their highest potential..

Holistic Approach

Experienced Educators

Supportive Learning Environment

Continuous Feedback

Focus on Personal Growth

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Expert Instructors

Rajni Verma
MA Hindi(1981) B.Ed(1988)
35+ Years of teaching with a reputed school in mumbai
Ganesh Gupta
10+ Years Experience Physics Specialist
5+ Years Experience Maths Specialist
Prasad Ghadi
M.Sc Chemistry, GATE, SET
5+ Years Experience Chemistry Specialist